The problem with america.

No matter what or who gets elected: NOTHING! I Repeat NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE when it comes to Americans being replaced with cheap cheap H-1B/L1 scabs. Jobs are not just going overseas, they are going to H-1B/L1 Scabs who are from overseas.

It’s not “We the People”, It’s the Business who runs this country now, and when it comes to getting cheap cheap labor, the business and all the rich are addicted to slave labor. They can’t have enough. Weather its the ReThugolCons or the DumORats, its all about flooding the US with the dirt poor from all over the world for cheap cheap slave labor. Americans are being replaced with scabs from all over the world in every state and industry.

The British Parasites (BP) plus Australians/Canadians scabs are getting all the media, movie, TV Ads and TV slots. (Ever seen any soccer on ESPN, NBC or Fox Soccer) All Americans have been replaced with the Very Crude Britishit scabs. The Russians+Eastern European Mafia is running massive Fraud schemes all over the US. The Cheap Republic of Chinese junk and Millions of American Manufacturer Jobs which have been Exported and they (The Business owners) keep telling us that those American are not coming back. The Philippines are getting all the nursing jobs while all the American nurses are being laid-off and replaced.

The Indians are the largest influx; they are bent on total takeover by any means including any and all kinds of Fraud. The Indian have been used to replace more American in every industry then all the other countries combined with H-1B/L1 visas. The Indians also have the largest influx with Visa over-stayers and Anchor Babies. Just between 2003 to 2008 over 75 million Indian entered the US and never left.

The Irish also have a very large influx of Visa over-stayers and illegals mostly in the north-east. And yes we all know about the millions of illegals the from south and north of our borders. With over 30 years of open border and free pass to all business to do whatever they want, we are in the midst of becoming a third world just like all the cheap cheap labor we have allowed in.